​​​                      Early Tin Dusters - Quincy, IL

“Supporting the appreciation of street rods and our community”

Some of our members following a wonderful time at our annual "Bingo with the Vets"

Jim and Becky Albert 
Jim: 217-653-4992
Becky: 217-653-3201
email: jalbert@adams.net

John and Ruth Bartlow 
John: 217-653-1009
Ruth: 217-653-4075
email: jlbartlow@comcast.net

Mathew Bartlow
Jim and Mary Benz
Jim: 217-242-8594
Mary: 217-779-9003
​email: jimbenz@gmail.com
Alan and Terry Blickhan
Alan: 217-257-1445
Terry: 217-257-6560
email: sixblix1@yahoo.com

Charlie and Janie Bryson
Charlie: 217-430-9899
email: nsraillinois@gmail.com

Sherry Bryson 

Rick and Dana Chapman
Rick: 217-257-0482
Dana: 217-257-9108
email: rchampan@adams.net

Jim and Charlotte Clemens
Jime: 217-242-1589
Charlotte: 217-257-1958
email: clemensc@comcast.net

Gary and Karen Eaton 
Gary: 217-430-0746
Karen: 217-653-7330

Brian and Glenda Hackett
Brian: 217-779-4124
Glenda: 217-257-1789
​email: bhackett3657@gmail.com
Punkun and Melinda Johnson 
Punkun: 217-257-6266
Melinda: 217-257-6233
email: rjohnson@adams.net

Colae Johnson
​email: colaej@hotmail.com

Amy and Chris Johnson/Cherry
Chris: 217-653-4835
Amy: 217-257-1482
​email: my47chev@hotmail.com
Keith and Lollie Krogmeier
Keith: 319-470-5337
Lollie: 319-470-3487
​email: klkrog@hotmail.com
Bill Mast
Dave and Daune McCulloch
Dave: 217-316-4521
Daune: 217-617-8189
email: daune1939@comcast.net
Denny and Judy Milfs
Denny: 217-430-0662
Judy: 217-440-7763
​email: fortyford@comcast.net 
Bob and Barb Miller
Bob: 217-430-8815
Barb: 217-242-6947
email: bjm88@adams.net
Russ and Rhonda Miller
Russ: 217-316-2870
Rhonda: 217-430-5105
​email: inrow8@hughes.net
Bob and Janice Miller
Bob: 217-257-1265
Janice: 217-779-7041
email: bmitchell43@sbcglobal.net
Carter and Britni Skirvin
Carter: 573-673-3635
Britni: 573-823-0346
​email: britnimiller@hotmail.com
Jeff and Alesa Spangler
Jeff: 217-506-0146
Alesa: 217-506-0043
​email: alesaspangler@gmail.com
Jeff and Cindy Steinkamp
Jeff: 217-430-2936
Cindy: 217-257-9750
email: jeff.steinkamp@comcast.net
Jerry and Karen Stone
Karen: 217-430-0070
email: Kssjis@gmail.com​
Mark and Debbie Tofall
email: tofall@adams.net
Elvin and Ida Townsend
Elvin: 217-440-5040
Ida: 217-779-1350
Justin and Erin VonderHaar
email: jmvonderhaar@yahoo.com
Travis and Katie Wooldrige
Travis: 217-257-8685
email: johnsonkt93@yahoo.com
Roger and Dorothy Yaeger
​Dorothy: 217-473-3407
email: dryaeger@outlook.com

Tin Dusters Officers

Rick Chapman : President

Jeff Spangler - Vice President

Sherry Bryson - Treasurer

Melinda Johnson: Secretar 

Committee Chairpersons

Punkun Johnson - Rod Run

Keith Krogmeier - Rod Run

Barb Miller: Sunshine

Amy Johnson & Colae Johnson: Historian/Webmaster

​Roger Yaeger - Chaplain

Members Contact Information