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The 2015 fortieth annual Early Tin Dusters Fall Color Run will be held Oct. 16, 17, and 18 in Quincy, Illinois. The Fall Color Run always starts on the Friday following the second Sunday in October. The Fall Color is a "Freebie". There is NO REGISTRATION FEE. The Fall Color Run is a pre-1949 only event. There are typically between 800 to 900 vehicles that attend. Registration Friday, October 16th, will take place at the Town & Country Inns and Suites. There is no pre-registration.

We would like to recognize Doug Bryson 1950-2014 for his contribution to our club and all of our friends for being the club's historian and web site manager no one knew how tough it would be to step into his shoes!

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Fast Eddie & The Corvettes

What's back:

*Wine Tour & more Friday 1 to 5:30.

*Saturday Night Dance Quality Inn 7 to 10pm with Fast Eddie & The Corvettes and don't forget our costume & dance contest plus prior to the dance Pasta Bar at Drakes for $8.00 a plate also at the Quality Inn featuring live music as you eat with Tim Hart from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

*Sunday Poker Run to highlight Quincy Area's contribution to the Automotive Industry feathering
Hemmings Motor News & Elmer Wavering.

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